MadLove - The Game

Teaser Gameplay Video

Where it all began

In 2018 Gurkiman posted a short animation of a breakout-style video game in which lungs were destroyed by a cigarette. When Avra asked him if this game was real, he replied "of course not". That's when the idea was born. After a quick prototype we decided to make a real arcade game.

The original MadLove Game comes with a custom built 80s style arcade cabinet with a real CRT monitor, arcade buttons and stick. And of course it is coin operated. Seasoned players are able to enter their name on the top 10 high scores list.
Avra developed the game in Python using Pygame. It features graphics by Gurkiman and Music by Ozzed.
The project premiered at the Rundgang of the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart 19th - 21st of July 2019. In addition, the game was displayed in two bars in Stuttgart and was also playable in Dresden at Terz festival. The local press reported about the project. (Stadtkind Stuttgart, Tagblatt)

Game Design by Gurkiman & Avra
Programmed by Avra, Code published under MIT License
Graphic Design by Gurkiman

Stefan 'Avra' Avramescu


I'm responsible for the tech and game design.

Christian 'Gurkiman' Angele


I'm in charge of the graphics, concept and game design.

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